About Us

At Ghost Fitness, we believe that actions speak louder than words.  Much like a ghost, we prefer to be seen and not heard.  That’s why Ghost Fitness is committed to giving our community the tools they need to put their ideas into action.

Our mission is to provide accurate, informative, and high-quality content, programs, and products to individuals at every level of fitness looking to achieve their healthiest self and reach their goals.

Ghost Fitness LLC is a fitness, health, and lifestyle brand based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Launching in 2018, Ghost Fitness will specialize in free fitness content, workout plans, nutritional programs, tips, recipes and premium, customized personal training and nutrition counseling.

Ghost Fitness will splash into the fitness apparel & accessories industry, providing high-quality products to help athletes and health-oriented individuals unlock their full potential in and out of the gym.

Join the movement, become a ghost.

| About our team

James R. Harrison – Founder & CEO

James R. Harrison was born and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Infatuated with athletics at a young age, Harrison played varsity football and captained his varsity rugby team, which he founded in 2010.  With experience at two nationally accredited newspapers, sports media mogul, Bleacher Report, and founding The Grandstand (a sports media outlet which, in less than a year, generated more than 150,000 readers in over 100 countries) rounding out his resumé in sports and media, Harrison also spent two years as an upper-level supervisor at one of Life Time Athletic’s premium Diamond-level locations. After attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for Entrepreneurship and Business Management, and the University of Minnesota Duluth for Communication and Psychology, Harrison began his own fitness journey, losing more than 100 pounds and competing in the International Powerlifting Federation for USA Powerlifting.  Harrison founded Ghost Fitness LLC in December of 2017, his second entrepreneurial endeavor, launching in Q1 of 2018.